Award, Certificate, and Record

Award Certificate Record

The Award, Certificate, and Record (ACR) is three products in one package. The ACR includes the ability to print awards and certificates, Masonic records, and degree work boilers for EA, FC, MM, AASR, and YR. The awards and certificates will show the Brothers in your Lodge how much they are appreciated. This product can be the start of your “Awards Night.”

With this product, you can also print your own Records. All you have to do is add the name, dates, and lodge seal. If you currently purchase your Lodge records and type them, this will save you time and money. In addition, we also ship the degree work boilers. When a Brother is raised, an entire “package” with the Masonic Record. If you do not present a Masonic Bible, our product is the next best thing.


  • Save time and by using our nice templates
  • Perfect for the Masonic officer, or "Awards Night" coordinator
  • Get excited again, about Masonic research
  • Our Premium Graphics will provide you quality Masonic graphics People appreciate being recognized
  • Show your candidates that your Lodge is organized

Detailed description of Award, Certificate, and Record features:

Templates and Boilers

28 templates in four categories (there are a total of 109 templates. Each template ships with at least four print choices black, blue, red, and purple):

  • Masonic
  • General
  • Fun
  • Masonic Record (Traditional Blue and Black colors only)

8 boilers in five categories:

  • Appreciation
  • Excellence
  • Training
  • Outstanding Service
  • Meritorious Achievement

5 Degree work boilers in three categories:

  • EA, FC, and MM
  • York Rite Record
  • AASR Record

Premium Graphics

Our premium graphics are a set of graphics that you can color, resize, and change. You are in control and not limited by what someone else thinks you should have. We include an instruction manual and RGB (color) list to help you pick the correct colors for your project.

Our premium graphics will change how you use Masonic graphics. Our testers wanted three things from our graphics: quality, choice and ease of use. That is what we delivered.

The Award, Certificate, and Record includes 20 graphics in four sections:

  • Blue House - All the graphics of EA, FC, and MM
  • Square and Compasses - EA, FC, MM, and Past Master
  • Eastern Star - All the seats of the Eastern Star included

Masonic Fonts

Two Masonic Fonts:

  • Masonic graphic font
  • Masonic writing font

3rd party software

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader to read your eBooks
  • to work with graphics

Computer Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • Microsoft Office Word or Word Perfect or ( is free)
  • CD or DVD drive to install the software
  • Computer monitor with at least 256 colors and at least 800 x 600 resolution
  • At least 75 MB of free hard drive space