Tracing Board


Tracing Board

The Masonic Tracing Board is the best tool to move your lodge into the digital presentation of Tracing Boards. The Tracing Board includes the Tracing Boards for EA, FC, and MM. In addition, it provides a breakdown of each section. This provides you with multiple ways to teach your students.

We also provide all the material need to build the text with the slide or written explanation to the student. You can add or remove material while working with your slides since our Four of our eBooks are built to work with Microsoft Word (.doc), so. The Manual of the Lodge is an excellent reference material (almost 300 pages of reference material).

The document you will work out of most is the Reflected Rays of Masonic Light. Reflected Rays of Masonic Light was built exactly to work with Tracing Boards. It provides a detailed explanation of each degree along with detailed explanations of the tools, list of Masonic calendars, etc.


Detailed description of Tracing Board features:


eBook Name eBook Author Number of Pages
Reflected Rays of Masonic Light (.doc) Brothers W. Garvey and J. Stevenson 33
EA ritual (.doc) None 39
FC ritual (.doc) None 39
MM ritual (.doc) None 50
Manual of the Lodge (.pdf) Albert G. Mackey, M.D. 273


115 Microsoft PowerPoint slides in three categories:

3rd party software

Computer Requirements

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